Naming Ceremonies


Your celebration, your words, your venue!

If you want to welcome your child surrounded by family and friends but don’t want a Religious Service, then a Naming Ceremony is a perfect solution.

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome new children into your family, whether they are babies born into the family or adopted children.

At a naming ceremony, you will make a commitment to parent your child in a responsible and loving manner.  Your family and friends will commit to supporting you to bring up your child in the best way you can.  And the child’s extra Parents (Mentors, Supporters, Guardians) will promise to support the child through their growing up, being there for them as supportive adults.

With my help, you can make all the choices about the words, the promises and vows, the readings, the venue and added activities to make the ceremony very special. (152)

“Erica did my baby’s naming ceremony and she was brilliant! She was calm, funny and eloquent. We met a few times before so we could make the ceremony our own. It went off beautifully”.